About us

The Marisa Bellisario Foundation was legally recognized by the DPCM on June 11, 1996; and is an NGO pursuant to Article 28 of Law no. 49/87.

Founded in 1989 based on the vision of Hon. Lella Golfo, the Foundation began its activities by promoting and organizing the Marisa Bellisario Award. In the years that followed, the Foundation expanded its reach and scope of action to include the research and planning of events and interventions addressed toward the business world, management and women entrepreneurship, with a focus to new technologies.

The Foundation is one of the most important organizations in Italy in terms of its support for the enhancement of the professionalism of women working in the public and private sectors, and the promoting of a culture of gender equality that understands and pays attention to the issues relating to the need for deep equality in our society.

The Marisa Bellisario Foundation’s mission is to consistently draw the attention of the political world, institutions, enterprises and world of business to innovative ideas and projects, in order to promote and support the affirmation of the role of professional women at a national and International level.

Social commitment, new technologies, communication, economics, finance, and corporate social responsibility are some of the topics covered in the Foundation’s studies and research. At both a national and regional level, the Foundation’s influence and impact is seen in places of business, politics and institutions.